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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Wonders of Modern Technology...

...allow me to offer consultations via the phone and the internet...

I've been doing more and more consultations for people using FB messaging, Google and Yahoo IM, Skype etc...

Kinda weird but also really, really gratifying as not having a face-to-face encounter doesn't seem to make any difference to the quality of the "reading"...

In fact, for myself I feel better about not having the client in front of me, or on the phone... I don't have any facial expressions, body language, tone of voice to go on, so I'm sure that the information I'm delivering to that person is coming "untainted" by my own filters, perceptions, assumptions and expectations...

Of course, I can't give you breath sessions over the phone or internet, but I can do life/spiritual coaching sessions, readings and distance healings, for anyone, anywhere in the world...

And if you live in or near Seattle, I'll come to you to facilitate a breath session... or teach a class on identifying and removing core beliefs that are holding you back... or facilitate meditation and spiritual development groups...

Here's what some people say about my work...

"Sahila did a reading for me via FB chat.   We connected well as if we were in the same room.   She has a special gift and has helped me tremendously with the reading.   Sahila was able to help me see how my childhood is affecting how I deal with issues now as an adult.   From this reading I had with Sahila, I will be able to move forward and change some things about my life so I will find peace.   The reading was amazing because Sahila could see things in my life that I never shared with her.  I am recommending her to my friends so they can have a reading as well.
- Camille Y

"While walking my dogs I had the misfortune of slipping in a bit of mud and landing hard with my right leg forced unnaturally up beside my hip and my left leg forced out at an odd angle.  Immediately, I knew I was hurt, but not beyond getting up.  I managed to get inside, but realised I had a soft tissue injury.   As the day grew, the pain grew.   I did, eventually, take some Ibuprofen, but thought to self, when you wake up this is really going to hurt.   After speaking to Sahila about my injury, she offered to do some reiki work on my behalf.  I was more than interested, as the pain, even with the Ibuprofen, was substantial.   After a good night's sleep and her work, I awakened today to find little to no pain in the leg.  Frankly I was shocked.   Sahila made the difference.   My job involves standing all day, and still, little pain, especially compared to yesterday.   Thank you Sahila!"
- Brighid M

"Oh my, we had a wonderful service!  It was heart opening.  Sahila, you brought us amazing, beautiful messages.  I hope you will come back and speak for us again. Warmly..." 
- Diana Piermattei, Swedenborgian Church, Puget Sound

"Sahila ChangeBringer has offered meditation, breathwork classes and Sunday morning messages as a guest presenter for worship service at Interfaith Community Church.  Sahila has a warm, loving and inviting presence balanced with the fire of change and transformation - for the greater good.  We are fortunate to have such an authentic and powerful healer in our midst.  I wholeheartedly recommend Sahila's classes and workshops for those desiring to create a new expansive reality for themselves, their families and the world.  It is truly possible.  Now is the time!" 
- Rev. Karen Lindquist, Seattle, 
co-founder Interfaith Community Church

"I have participated with Sahila in several group settings. She effectively uses mind-body processes to help people move towards wholeness. I have been impressed by her ability to intuitively determine where the group needs to go." 
- Anita M

"The circle talk was focused and substantive, even while it was adaptive to the individuals.  Sahila is very balanced between being warm and supportive, while also willing and able to push buttons.  Authentic." 
- Colin B

"A very surprising and wonderful experience.  Thank you!" 
- Kim H

"Kind, caring, trusting, very professional" 
- Susan P

"Core belief worksheet helped discover where these come from.  (Sahila was) very clear, helpful.  Great drawing out your inner needs, thoughts, work to be done, etc" 
- Cindy MacD

"Breathing with Sahila changed my life.   I did breath work with Sahila for several months and after each session, I felt like all the stresses in my life had been offloaded and I could go back into the world with a clear mind.  Our sessions together were great. Sahila has a wealth of life knowledge so by talking with her and breathing I was able to shift my thinking about my family, myself and my life path and really become OK with who I AM which allowed me to let others be who they is so freeing!  Sahila is an amazing person and anyone who works with her will be better for it."
- Michelle H

"I have done breath work with Sahila years ago in Australia and have learnt so much about staying in the present moment and observing myself doing me.  I am only sad that she is overseas and we do not have instant access to this amazing teacher and healer!"
- Bronwyn H (Australia)

"The 2 hour group breathe with Sahila brought me the understanding and insight of the importance of breath work.  The week following my breathe I felt more energized, more connected to my body, and felt like I had undergone a great detox!   It has brought awareness of daily breathing to the forefront and I look forward to my next breathe session."
- Carrie 

"I visited Sahila on two occasions for a 90 minute "breathe".  I was having intense anxiety and many maladies associated with it.  I found her studio to feel safe and inviting.  I felt completely at ease and relaxed.  Sahila was very professional as well as empathetic and caring.  I came away feeling far better, more grounded and able to find the peace within me.  Thank you Sahila."
- Barb B

"I have done small group breathe work and private sessions with Sahila.   She quickly put me at ease with her humor and caring manner.  I found her to be very supportive and knowledgeable.  She brings a wide variety of experience and knowledge to her work which she readily shares." 
- Candy M 

Contact me here, or by email at if you want to ask questions or make an appointment...




  1. I've had several sessions with Sahila on fb chat. She is an amazing woman and incredibly talented. The accuracy is always astounding. Sahila holds nothing back ...... my perception of events is always vastly improved due to her insights and the clarity she brings. Lenore

  2. thanks Lenore, for the feedback... I am honoured and humbled to be of service and deeply grateful when I can channel guidance for people that helps them move more into who they already are (but have forgotten!)...