There's something to be said for Kitchen Table Wisdom - you know, like in the old days when people sat around the kitchen table after a meal and talked about life, the universe and the meaning of it all - as well as the gossip doing the rounds in town...

Well, that's what this place is - a place to share common wisdom, thoughts and feelings about things important and unimportant, that bring us joy, laughter and happiness and that trouble, sadden, confuse and anger us ...

What I write here is what's 'real' for me. It won't always be PC or 'nice'. We're missing out on true connection and chances to grow and change because there's too little authenticity, too little honesty, too much holding back what we really feel and mean.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Am I...

... a naive visionary, idealist, dreamer unable to accept "reality" and navigate/manage worldly affairs?

 ... a fanatical revolutionary living/dying for the cause?

... a truth-teller, having to live with the consequences of seeing/speaking clearly and directly?

... a writer, driven by an inner compulsion, reduced to starving in the attic for my art?

... a loving, conscientious parent, preparing my child for the changing, new world he will inhabit?

... an irresponsible parent, dragging my child into my illusory world and teaching him my crackpot beliefs?

... a lazy bludger/moocher, full of a sense of entitlement and afraid of hard work?

... a seriously crazy person, living/acting out an elaborate mass hallucination?

... a combination of all of the above?

... none of the above?

Does it matter?

here's a song from deep in the hole
here's a song from deep in the hole
la la la la la la la la la
something for free something for you
something for me from out of the blue
something is wrong something is right
something has called from out of the night
what does it mean? why do you need to know?
here's a song from deep in the hole
here's a song from deep in the hole
la la la la la la la la la
sick from the sea sick from the air
sick from the view ain't nobody there
just want a taste to feel like i did
the night that you came to the hole where i hid
when they let you down it's all you need to know
here's a song from deep in the hole
here's a song from deep in the hole
la la la la la la la la la

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