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Monday, November 28, 2011

Of Spinning & Weaving...

Words that speak what I feel in my heart from Sarah Alexander, via my Facebook friend Meryl Steinberg:
"We are being called to raise our consciousness, to each take our place at the table around which we convene to sustain our precious life on the planet...
And each person in my life, coming or going, each experience we bring into each other's lives, glorious or painfully challenging, is designed to hone us to the grindstone, clear us of anything that will not serve the higher good of all.
We are being fashioned as homemade gifts by a knowing hand, knitted, spun, thrown on the potter's wheel, carved - we are all both Created and Creator.


Nothing less is called for at this urgent time of transformation.
Peace On Earth starts here, in my heart, in my willingness to be fashioned and assigned my place in the reclamation and reformation of all I cherish and call Home. 
The greatest gift we have to give is ourselves - our true selves, our highest potential.
This is humility, this is love, this is grace."
If you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll know that I too have been feeling this, as I have been walking my particular path...
And with the duality that is being human, I have welcomed it and railed against it - sometimes simultaneously, sometimes alternately!!!

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