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Saturday, December 18, 2010


A friend wrote this on her Facebook status this evening:

"The woes of this world, this nation, this state, this city and all of the good everyday people, those who have no clout, who just do the best they can, yes, all of this, wears my spirit to it's core for I cannot see any light and I am tired of searching for it in the darkness."
I replied:
"I have to take it moment by moment, and ration out all the depressing stuff I read, otherwise I become completely immobilised by despair and depression..."
Another woman felt the same way... 
We all keep working at it, but it gets harder every day to see that we are at least holding back the tide, let along reversing some of the really horrible stuff we humans are doing to each other and to the planet... 
So, I went looking for HOPE, and found this:

Visionary Willy Whitefeather
Directed by Catherine Margerin
Produced by Mary Mathaisell, Luna Media

This animated short film is a story of prophecy -  the story of man going down the wrong path, with one day the possibility of finding the path of peace and love. 

Combining animation, archival footage and live action, in a multi-layered non-linear story, the film brings the viewer on a fascinating journey through human existence. 

HOPE documents what we are seeing around the world with wars, genocide, diseases, climate change such as global warming, and the potential earth changes that have been foretold by many seers and indigenous peoples. 

HOPE is shaped around the knowledge and ideas of Willy Whitefeather, a man in his sixties of Cherokee ancestry, a fascinating storyteller, healer, survivalist and an individual of wisdom and heart. 

Using traditions and stories from Native American and world cultures, the film combines dreams, images and reminiscences from our collective memory to send a message of hope for the future. 

The animated scenes are in styles reminiscent of Pueblo pottery design, Sioux painted hides, Petroglyph drawings and Hopi mural paintings. 

The sound track is similarly layered with the sounds of a beating heart, breathing, wooden flutes, drums, rattles, a traditional Cherokee lullaby and original music.

Now is the time to reconnect with Spirit, to recognize the effects of our actions, to evaluate the underlying causes of suffering and to reshape our life and our world into a harmonious one.

HOPE urges us to change course and follow a path of wisdom, responsibility, beauty, simplicity and gentleness. 

And here, is a follow-up with Willie Whitefeather himself narrating the story...

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