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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Laws of Attraction and Manifesting Abundance: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

So many of us have been working hard on mastering the Laws of Attraction and manifesting material abundance. We have many resources available to support us in this process including books and films such as The Secret, teachers such as Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Michael Bernard Beckwith and so many others. 

Some few of us are experiencing a degree of success, while many others are floundering, feeling stuck, feeling like failures because there's been no outward change in our circumstances despite all the visioning, affirmations, visualizations and trying to move our financial ‘set points’ and core beliefs about worthiness. Why might this be?

My guidance tells me that we're missing a piece of the puzzle. The concepts in the teachings are real and true. They're necessary for us to master so that we move out of our sense of victim-hood and helplessness and into our true heritage as divine, sacred, omni-creative beings –  in essence, God.

But there's another realization that needs to come once one begins to understand and play with these concepts. And that's an understanding about what true abundance is, why we want to manifest it and what are we going to do with it once we achieve that mastery?

Many of us want to manifest material abundance to fill a hole in ourselves. We want abundance to fill the hole of fear, the hole of lack, the hole of anxiety, the hole of low self confidence, the hole of separation, the hole of feeling 'less than'. We want material abundance to give us a sense of security that we're in control and safe in our world, that we'll finally be recognized as being someone worthwhile.

Unfortunately, all of these things we are chasing are illusions. All we have is the 'now', this very moment that I'm writing these words and you're reading them. This 'now' might be followed by another moment of 'now', a series of moments of 'now', but there's no guarantee of that, no foreknowledge of when the end of my physical journey will come – in the next 30 seconds or in 20 years' time.

So perhaps there's not so much sense in trying to create and store up security for the future, in amassing material abundance as a hedge against uncertainty and anxiety? Besides, how much of what we create can we fit in our coffins? How many rooms in your house can you physically occupy, in any one moment? How many pairs of shoes can you wear at any one time? How many pairs of shoes can you wear out in your lifetime? How many cars can you drive? How much food can you eat at any one meal, how many books can you read and CDs can you listen to, in any one moment?

Did you know that most indigenous people lived within their environments taking only what they needed and using every piece of whatever they took? And they did this in a sacred manner, asking permission and giving thanks to the energy that was giving up its life so that they could live.

How often do you drive by those storage complexes dotted along most major arterial roads and think about the origin of the resources spent in creating them, and about the waste of all that 'stuff' gathered inside those units? How often do you think about the feelings and life events of the people who have shut away these parts of their lives but, for whatever reason, are not ready or willing to let these aspects of themselves go? Is this where things are at with you, or someone close to you?

The greatest, most powerful manifestor ever to have lived on Earth was the man/prophet called Jesus. He performed 'miracles', turning water into wine at a wedding feast and feeding thousands at a gathering from a few loaves and fishes. But did he manifest a position of power and social acceptance for himself? Did he manifest lavish homes, an extensive wardrobe, hire servants or a donkey and cart to travel around? Did he align himself with the rich, the powerful and the merchants and extol the virtues of material possessions? He didn't. Instead, he lived a humble life, moving from moment to moment with the flow of his journey, walking lightly on the Earth, trusting that his needs would be met and giving what he could to those who had even less than he did, those needing love and healing. The Buddha walked a similar path – he gave up all his riches, all his material possessions and lived most simply. And yet he did not appear to experience lack.

My guidance tells me that yes, we can master the techniques of manifesting abundance and this is a good thing – abundance brings the capacity to have more choices. But with that power comes responsibility and a requirement to be conscious of the consequences that come with the act of creating.

When we step into our creative, manifesting power, we step into new realities or paradigms on the spiritual, intellectual and emotional levels. But we don’t step into a new physical, Planet Earth, we don’t teleport into a parallel universe, a new 3D reality. We are still living here, sharing this time and space with 6 billion other humans and countless other life forms. And this planet, energetically and physically, is a closed environment/system.

We are all connected in this web of life. What I do, what I create, what I CAUSE in my little corner of the web, has ramifications, consequences, EFFECTS in other parts of the web. According to Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize-winning economist, if the entire earth’s human population were to live as we do here in the West, we would need the resources of five or six Earths. And that’s not a possible reality we can co-create, no matter how spiritually aware, conscious, mature, adept we are.
When I take from the web more than I need in the moment, someone, something elsewhere in the web has to do without, has to pay a cost. When I buy in bulk at Sam’s Club or Costco, I am encouraged by a false sense of security and plenty to use wastefully, to forget about the natural and human energies that were spent in producing what I am using so carelessly. I am encouraged not to think about the person who was paid less than a living wage to enable me to use more than my share, more than my need in precious resources.

Some would argue that people in other parts of the world, in other parts of the web, live different lives and have different needs. Is it not more of a ‘truth’ that often they need more than they have and we, even many of the ‘poor’ amongst us in the West, need less?

Perhaps, when we are feeling discouraged about our ability to manifest ‘plenty’ in our lives, we might choose to spend some time thinking about what real, lasting ‘plenty’ means and why we are desiring so much more than what we need in the moment. Perhaps we might choose to acknowledge and be truly grateful for the ‘plenty’ we already do have. Perhaps we might choose to focus more of our time and energy manifesting and sharing abundance with the other travelers – human and otherwise - co-journeying through life with us…

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