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Thursday, November 25, 2010

You Load 16 Tons & What Do You Get?

I wonder how many people think about this, as their homes and businesses are warmed and kept operating by coal-fired power and they complain about the bill each month?

I wonder if they ever see in their minds' eyes the gouging out of the earth and the destruction of the environment...

A photograph taken by an astronaut on the International Space Station on March 31 captures a rare cloud-free glimpse of the Panian Coalfield, one of the largest coal mines in Asia and one of three coal operations on Semirara Island in the Philippines. The Semirara Mining Corporation, which operates the coal field, uses open-pit methods in which rock and soil are removed to reach coal seams below. In this image, released by NASA, several huge piles of rock and other mining debris can be seen ringing the northern half of the pit, with the dark coal seams visible along the southern wall of the mine. Also visible are plumes of mining sediment washing into the Sulu Sea.

And the death that comes to many who are trapped in small communities with no other way to earn their living?

Globally, mining companies profit from coal mining to the tune of $13.6Billion per year... 

What's the price of a human life? 

Rest in Peace - 

all 12,000 men and boys 
who die in mining 'accidents' each year...

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