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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beware the Righteous Anger of Youth

Here's what some kids in New Mexico think about where education is taking them... 
We adults should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this to be done to our children...


  1. Hello Sahila, I have enjoyed following your thoughts. You express an interest in spirituality and Shamanic tradition so I can only deduce you must have some understanding of illusion. Illusion as it pertains to education is essence of the comments I respectfully submit.

    As a point of reference I have 6 years post secondary education, as well I have two children currently enrolled in the University system.

    I feel it is incumbent on all peoples of the world to voice a unified rebellion against the dictates of our fascist regimes. Corporate global elite have for decades exacted an agenda of dumbing down the children of the world. Countless assaults are made daily against the neural integrity of our children. Biphenol A found in most plastics, vaccines with mercury and squaline, MSG, Aspartame in soda pop, wireless and cordless technology and gaming, chem-trails spraying Barium, Cadmium and a host of other heavy metals. Lets not forget fluoride in the water. All the aforementioned daily toxins and more are preying on the neurological functioning of our children's mind.
    Coupled with this assault is the fact the education system has degraded into rote, designed to produce non thinkers. The result is a generation of children extremely limited in their capacity for deductive reasoning. Unable to effectively ascertain the greater scheme of reality, our children fall further prey to the fear biased programming of main stream media.

    For me this issue goes well beyond the steadily crashing Mensa results, which, by the way, is bell curved each year to disguise the ebbing intelligence quotient.

    The root of the power elite structure is fear and illusion. This mandate for maya is the true agenda. We are taught as adults and children that time, space, separation, physicality are the essence of our true nature. Furthermore we are taught to believe in the ego perspective of " I ". These illusions keep us distracted thereby enslaving our perspective of reality.

    To believe in the self as a limited expression ego " I ", separate from the world in which we live, is demeaning at best. I blame this paradigm on the various religions which through corpulence dis empowered man prior to the establishment of formal education. It is the tenets of the church which historically was utilized by the corporate elite structure a the primal strong arm of reality perception.

    The concept of a God who created the earth, allows mankind to perceive themselves separate from the divine. True spiritual understanding expounds on the fact God became the universe. This fundamental shift in reality perception allows mankind to determine the essence of all manifest reality is the divine ONE.

    You are God, as am I, the desk you sit at the words you write and read. all is God. We come to understand our true essence is not body but eternal consciousness. This allows us to forsake the ego " I ", see beyond illusion, and gain back our true GodSelf expression.

    You were not born, you will not die, you are GOD. Acceptance of this truth will allow peoples of the world to define their brother as self. No longer is there need for judgment and archaic concepts of separation. We accept all reality as GOD dancing with GOD in the perfect eternal moment of NOW.

    This is an education that matters. Teaching our children to express unconditional love for all manifest reality is the raison d'etre.

    Love is the essence of learning, countless white paper studies well define the correlation between love and learning. Conversely we know fear can only harbor ignorance. Look around my sister, fear is everywhere and it is not by chance. There are sinister agendas afoot, we need to educate ourselves and then our children have a chance.

    I will follow your future work Sahila, I have enjoyed our discourse.

    Namaste, my sister, love is all there is all else is illusion...

  2. Hullo Christopher....

    Thank you for your wonderful writing... I honour and value the time, thought, energy, intent and love that comes through your response.

    I agree with what you write...

    I have once before on this blog, written about us all being GOD - in every sense of that word...

    I think that post is this one:

    Thank you again - I hope you will keep sharing your insights with me/us...