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Well, that's what this place is - a place to share common wisdom, thoughts and feelings about things important and unimportant, that bring us joy, laughter and happiness and that trouble, sadden, confuse and anger us ...

What I write here is what's 'real' for me. It won't always be PC or 'nice'. We're missing out on true connection and chances to grow and change because there's too little authenticity, too little honesty, too much holding back what we really feel and mean.

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As You Think, So It Is - Your Beliefs Create Your Reality

If your Reality isn't Working for You, Create a New One!

Life Unlimited!


(the Divine in me, recognises and honours the Divine in you)


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Time to Breathe Again (and Create Your Unlimited Life!)

45-minute teaching session offered each Tuesday, focusing on the practice and benefits of breath work, and uncovering limiting core beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns of thinking, choice-making and behavior.

We'll be discussing what, how and why you think, do and say what you do, what are your expectations of yourself and life and what keeps you from reaching your full potential.

We won't just be sitting around; we'll also use experiential exercises to get to profound, deeply personal understandings.

Here's what other participants have said:

"Breathing with Sahila changed my life. I did breath work with Sahila for several months and after each session, I felt like all the stresses in my life had been offloaded and I could go back into the world with a clear mind. Our sessions together were great. Sahila has a wealth of life knowledge so by talking with her and breathing I was able to shift my thinking about my family, myself and my life path and really become OK with who I AM which allowed me to let others be who they is so freeing! Sahila is an amazing person and anyone who works with her will be better for it." - Michelle

"The 2 hour group breathe with Sahila brought me the understanding and insight of the importance of breathe work. The week following my breathe I felt more energized, more connected to my body, and ...felt like I had undergone a great detox! It has brought awareness of daily breathing to the forefront and I look forward to my next breathe session." - Carrie

"I have done breath work with Sahila years ago in Australia and have learnt so much about staying in the present moment and observing myself doing me. I am only sad that she is overseas and we do not have instant access to this amazing teacher and healer!" - Bronwyn

So, if your life isn't going as well as you'd like and you need new ideas, strategies and tools to change that, come and check out what I have to offer.

Time:      6 - 6.45pm

Location: 5 Focus Fitness,

             1009 8th Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109

Cost:      $10.00

RSVP:     5 Focus Fitness at 206 631 2818

             Sahila at 206 679 1738
             Sign Up Online Here

For more information on breath work and the other modalities I offer, see my website:

And, consider signing up for the next monthly group breathe:

5Focus Fitness
Monday 23 August 2010

Limited to 15 participants

Bring yoga mat, blanket, pillow
Refreshments provided

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