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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hands Off Our Mother!

Unproven scientific ‘fixes’ for global warming are a major threat to the planet...
"It used to be that ‘stepping lightly on the planet’ was considered common sense for addressing global warming, but a brash new breed of planet-savers has a more heavy-handed suggestion. Since action on reducing greenhouse gases is proving ineffective, they argue, it might soon be necessary to deliver Mother Earth a huge technological smack in the climate system. For her own good, of course.
Welcome to the concept of geoengineering – large-scale schemes that propose manipulating planetary systems to counteract global warming. Humans have inadvertently altered the global environment before, but geoengineering differs in that it brings intentionality to messing with our planet. Geoengineering proposals range from dumping iron in the ocean to grow CO2-gobbling plankton, to polluting the upper atmosphere with sulphur particles to mimic large volcanoes. Such volcanoes have occasionally cooled down the atmosphere before. Unfortunately, they can also cause monsoons to weaken and fail, intensifying hunger in the tropics.
 Sounds risky and dangerous? Of course it is. Seductive to policymakers? Yes, that too. But as billionaire airline tycoon Richard Branson baldly told the press last year: ‘If we could come up with a geoengineering answer to this problem… we could carry on flying our planes and driving our cars.’"... from:
Why is it always men who think of these "solutions" but can't see the disastrous consequences?
Do they have such a deep hate of the sacred feminine that they can seriously consider these measures as 'problem solving'?
The Dalai Lama and indigenous elders all say the solutions the world needs will come from women - maybe you have to be able to have a child/give birth to really understand and value life?

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