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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Does Evil Exist?

(Repost from 28 June 2010)
I was privileged to lead a breath work session yesterday...

And part of the session included a discussion about the identity and nature of the Life  Force (am staying away from terms such as God/Goddess etc, which are loaded, exclusionary, inaccurate and based in our human need to set in place a hierarchy of power and to anthropomorphise everything we don't understand!)...

Under the holographic principle, the sum of the whole is contained in each of the parts.... so, logically, if one believes that there is an originating Life Force, which is all-knowing, all-loving, infinite and omnipotent, then by extension, as its creations each one of us is also that Life Force - all-knowing, all-loving, infinite and omnipotent... which has huge implications relating to how we see and express ourselves in the world, as powerful beings or as victims?  But that's another day's subject...

Holographic Universe

Evidence from physics and quantum mechanics show that the Observor influences any event or object of consciousness, changing the wave to a particle, the formless to form. Everything is energy. At a subatomic level, all molecules are alive, moving, and conscious. Mind is not just determinative over matter, but mind and matter seem to just be energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Which brings me to the question of whether or not Evil exists...

If one accepts the holographic premise, then Evil cannot exist because all creations of the Life Force ARE the Life Force and one would then have to say the Life Force is evil.  And some might indeed think/feel this, but wouldn't they then also have to consider themselves evil?

A secondary factor to consider is our human need to label events, situations and people, to assign a value to them such as 'good' or 'bad', 'positive' or 'negative', 'ugly' or 'beautiful', 'loving' or 'hateful', 'easy' or 'difficult' etc.

I think we do this to satisfy our need to find order in the chaos, to assign definition so that we can feel secure, so that we can establish a relative place for ourselves in the scheme of things, to give ourselves an (illusory) sense of control and power.

If we were all to be honest with ourselves, this need to label is really quite a pathetic attempt to claim our place at the centre of the universe and to give ourselves an out, an excuse when we don't live up to the sacredness we carry within ourselves!

If we look at the natural world, those value-laden terms mean nothing, have no relevance at all... Things just are...

Some humans might see lightning striking, burning and felling a tree as a negative, sad, disastrous occurrence.    However, for the natural world its just an event, signalling the end of one form of life and the beginning of another, as the felled tree trunk begins to decompose and return to the earth and in the process gives shelter and sustenance to millions of small and microscopic life forms.

So if the Life Force and its creations cannot, by definition, be evil, and if value-laden descriptors are a human construct that have no significance in the rest of creation, how then to understand the "horrifying' things that happen in our own spheres of existence, in the world, in Life?

I've come to understand this from two different perspectives.

The first stems from a meditation experience I had very early on in my spiritually "awake and aware" journey.   As part of this moment, where I experienced actually being ALL THAT EVER WAS, IS NOW AND EVER SHALL BE, I came to know that the Life Force's sole purpose was to experience itself in all of its infinite potential - a gorgeous, awe-inspiring, completely loving cosmic game of "What If..."   If I manifest as this, what happens then?    If I choose this, what follows?    A joyous, wondrous, exciting experiment in CAUSE and EFFECT in which we all are participating as co-creators, as manifestations of that Sacred Life Force.

The second "AHA" moment came in a flash of insight that was sparked by the events of 9/11, took me back to seeing biblical events in a new light and then flash-forwarded to WW2 and Adolf Hitler.

All my "AHA" moments come in the shower - sad, prosaic but true!   And in this one moment when thinking about 9/11, apart from realising that this event was a logical outcome (Effect) after years of American meddling in world affairs (Cause), including responsibility for the deaths of millions under oppressive regimes the US had covertly and overtly helped put in place, I understood that all the people involved in 9/11 had come together in this co-creation to offer us all a gift.

As well as playing out whatever needed to play out for their own and their families' journeys, the 'terrorists', the pilots, the passengers, the people in the towers, the firefighters all had given their lives so that we could make a choice about how we wanted to move on in the world.    They all had the courage to be involved in this event so that we could choose a pathway forward of love, reconciliation and co-operation, not more war and death and misery.

Without the 'terrorists', this event would not have happened.   Imagine a soul - by definition all-loving because it is the Life Force - coming into this lifetime, knowing that it was going to choose and enact a path that would end in death and vilification.    Remember how acting contrary to your true nature feels like a painful, twisting inside.


Imagine those other souls, agreeing to co-create this 'painful' event, so that we would each, and as a web of interconnected beings, have the opportunity to step into a new vision of life on this planet...

Sadly, we did not take that step - instead we continued the "power over" game and began more wars.... possibly because, as Marilyn Waring and others before her have pointed out, war-making is a profitable business, is one tool for ensuring "economic growth".

That realisation about 9/11 spiralled my thinking back to the Bible and the place of the Life Force aspect/soul called Lucifer in the scheme of creation.

Human beings need duality to give them a sense of context and place on the continuum of life.    We need contrast to make our choices.    If Lucifer is a creation of the Life Force, IS the Life Force, then Lucifer cannot be evil, unless we accept that the Life Force is evil.    The soul that is Lucifer is serving us in the highest manner possible, giving each of us every day the chance to make choices - life sustaining choices or life destroying choices, choices which expand us further into all we can be or contract and diminish us.

Which then led to the thought that Judas Iscariot also was a hero in the story of the life of the man called Jesus Christ.    Without the 'betrayal' by Judas, the Crucifixion would not have happened, nor the Resurrection, and Christ would not have been able to show us in such a dramatic fashion that we have the choice to live life in a different, more loving manner.

Which then led me to think about all the other 'evil' people in earth's human history, with Adolf Hitler coming most prominently to mind.   Again, Adolf Hitler's choices and actions opened the door for us as a species to decide to change our ways.

I think it was an act of courage and service to us all, for the soul that manifested as Adolf Hitler and all the souls that manifested as the victims and fallen of the Holocaust and WW2 to do what they did.   (And I say these things with respect, from the vantage point of being Dutch and having had my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all experience life under the Nazis during WW2)...

Unfortunately, the meaning and impact of those acts of courage seem to have been lost/wasted on us...

Because now we have the BP oil spill and the G8/G20 meetings and protesters, another opportunity to listen to each other, to learn from example and experience, to step into a new, holistic, loving way of being for all life forms on this planet... and there doesn't seem to be much momentum for change being enacted - lots of talk, yes, but action?   No...

Are we a lost cause, this human species?   Is that where the Evil really exists?

PS: Or are we only “lost” in this universe/reality?    Given the multi-dimensional nature of creation, with parallel realities and universes co-existing in the eternal NOW, are all the choices we didn't make in our 'now' playing out in other infinite Life lines?


  1. Concerning evil conduct, rather than coming from the Life Force dimension, it's manifestation is from the human mind which chooses, thus creating evil in this dimension rather than the Life Force spiritual dimension. Yes, this is the dimension of Vibratory Creation, this is the dimension which the Strings create a delusion, Maya, of permanence. The source of this knowledge being the Vedic Upanishads, an oral tradition of "sitting close in" going back 1000's of years. Convincing the general population that the "Maya" is a delusion is a hard sell in the USA. Using the earth as a model for explaining the delusion of the Maya by using physics, that if the planet Earth were to have the same gravity as that of a Black Hole, the Earth would have the same mass,gravity, everything condensed into the size of a golf ball, that gets their attention. Sitting next to a physicist on a flight across the Atlantic he mentioned he was a nuclear arms reduction negotiator going to Belgium.He had been in Nagasaki the same time as my dad and the fellow passenger vowed to make his purpose in life to prevent more nuclear bomb holocausts and became a physicist. I mentioned to him a book I had just read, The Holy Science, written in the 1890's by Swami Sri Yukteswar and the book referred to the ancient Vedic knowledge of a central sun, a black hole, being at the center of the galaxy. The physicist put the central sun as a black hole immediately.The Book also went into 26,000 year cycles, which also caught the physicists attention. From the earth to the galaxy black hole is 26,000 light years. Also the earth rotates on a 26,000 axis. The physicist turns to me exclaiming that what I had just told him "is the only thing he's heard that makes sense". Well, it made more sense to him than to me as the information about black holes was just emerging into society in the early 1980's. Of course he was able to interpret the information from the book into a physics context.Nice site you have here, thanks.

  2. thank you so much for your response - its given me a lot to think about.... I have been waiting a long time for the "scientists" to catch up with the "metaphysicians"! Every time there is some announcement of new understandings emerging in quantum physics etc and they correlate with what I have come to experience/understand in my spiritual journey, I shout (an internal) "yes"!

    As to the issue of evil.... I respect your insight; in some ways, it varies a little from what I have come to understand from my own "multi-dimensional" experiences; in others, it matches what I have learned but is expressed in different words... and I dont think I went far enough in my writing to include all that you bring forward....

    Thank you again... and thank you for the positive feedback on the blog... Namaste...