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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Truth & Courage...

You know...
Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr - all just ordinary people, like me and you...
As were all the other "heroes/heroines" of social change...
With the same fears, needs, human personalities, struggles...
ALL they did, was speak what they felt/thought was the truth and ACTED on it...
Stuck to it, stayed true to it, refused to give it up, even though they knew there would be a price to pay for speaking up...
We all know what is 'the right thing to do" - our gut tells us so, and it and our conscience "niggle" at us when we turn our backs on that...
Most of us pretend we can't feel/hear that niggle - we rationalise, justify, excuse our way to ignoring it...
What would the world be like if WE STOP TURNING OUR BACKS ON WHAT WE KNOW TO BE TRUE?...


Try and remember now just what has been done.
Enslavement, displacement of every nation.
And now to one nation, everyone hold their grudge.
Kind of makes me wonder about which side I'm on.
I don't defend white, and I don't defend black.
I defend truth and rights and all of that.
I work on situations where I'm at
Hold my position and never fall of track.

Nah give up my faith!
Though Babylon rage,
I and I will strive until
the end of my days.
go against society, Rasta courage.

I never give no good vibes
and I never give up no truth.
Never trade my sanity for living in Babylon crew.
Vanity will never drive this man insane.
This man will walk alongside Jah again.
We see all of the pressure to conform today,
And I may sometimes bend,
but only as not to break.
Cause a life of iniquity for laziness' sake
Is a deal with the devil Rasta just can't make.


Looking back now upon all of the evidence
400 years and what those years have
really done, we talk of peace but at the
first sign of war. Bredren and bredren and
sistren ain't sistren no more. Without forgiveness
how will any war cease, while the heathen rage
Rastaman sitting at ease. No one will move a
muscle for some moral justice and with no justice they won't live.

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